Walla Crag and Ashness Bridge

On Sunday 12th September, with the Keswick Mountain Festival still in full swing, the fells close to the town were buzzing with walkers. I inadvertently mingled amongst some of that throng from Rakefoot onto Walla Crag, and continued to Ashness Bridge via Falcon Crag. To judge by the thin trod to the cairn at the very top of Falcon Crag, this vantage-point is infrequently visited. It is without doubt the most perfect place to survey the grand surround of Derwent Water.

The head of Derwent Water from the top of Falcon Crag
A Derwent Water launch passing below Falcon Crag
Walla Crag from Falcon Crag
Ashness Bridge looking to Skiddaw

Published by markrichardswalking

An outdoor writer since my early twenties, with a passion for walking and linescape art, which quickly coalesed into the creation of practical guides exploring the remarkable landscapes and heritage of Britain.

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