Artful Ways opening

Friday 17th September my wife and I attended the private viewing of this inspiration exhibition at Tullie House in Carlisle. It has been so long since I attended any formal gathering I felt seriously underdressed in such a company. Nonetheless, it was a great honour for my drawing of Hindscarth to have been selected to go on show and I enjoyed some lovely conversations. I loved Sue Foster’s Castlerigg by moonlight, Livi Adu’s delightfully adored walking stick and enjoyed chatting with the young Syrian lady (whose name I missed) who contributed an original feature installation. Eyecatching was the wild forbidding aspect of Pillar Cove, a perspective that my good friend Jim Fotheringham attested as a place he loved, having climbed the northern wall of the Rock only recently.

Published by markrichardswalking

An outdoor writer since my early twenties, with a passion for walking and linescape art, which quickly coalesed into the creation of practical guides exploring the remarkable landscapes and heritage of Britain.

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