Friends of Fellranger

28th September — Mervyn Rochester from Bournemouth has been in touch today expressing his delight in the new Cicerone guides, I thought it well worth sharing with visitors to the website, many of whom will be fellow fellwalking devotees.

“I think I told you that my wife got me the eight new versions of your Fellranger guides and I can tell you that the appropriate one has been with us on every fell we’ve done this year (and that’s quite a few). I use them for everything from planning to following routes and guidance along the way. For years I always relied on AW’s guides and I continue to refer to them and read them avidly but I now only carry the Fellranger guide, map and compass and can’t praise your work more highly. We’ve also done our bit to spread the word by talking about the guides to fellow walkers whom we’ve met along the way. I’ve shown them to many a walker on a summit who’s never seen them before, left them with details and they’ve duly promised to buy one or the set! As they are so impressed! And rightly so….

“About four years ago (building on our base of fells already done) we decided to put some structure into our wanderings and tick off the Wainwrights. We’ve now done 190 so we’re actively planning on doing the remaining 24 next year all being well. Many of them we’ve now done quite a few times so we’re not a million miles off a double or triple round… I can tell you that living in Cumbria or the North with access to the fells in one thing but doing it from Bournemouth with normal constraints of life is another! Goodness knows how many motorway miles we’ve clocked up or the expense.

“Anyway, being dedicated followers and lifetime lovers of the fells we’re destined to push on through and complete the 230 Fellrangers as well!  You can only imagine the feeling I got when safe in the knowledge that we had completed all the Wainwrights around Haycock, Caw Fell, Lank Rigg, Grike etc etc I read my Fellranger from the safety of my Bournemouth abode that Iron Crag is waiting in the middle of nowhere beckoning us to complete the Fellrangers in that area! I bet you don’t know anybody else who tramped all that way with the sole purpose to conquer Iron Crag?”

Walkers heading from the Ennerdale Fence wall access gate directly to the summit cairn of Iron Crag

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An outdoor writer since my early twenties, with a passion for walking and linescape art, which quickly coalesed into the creation of practical guides exploring the remarkable landscapes and heritage of Britain.

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