Isaac’s Tea Trail

Our most recent podcast recorded specifically to capture the Sunday morning charillion bells of St Augustine’s in Alston. The podcast features guests Roger Morris and Anne Leuchars. Roger from Washington (Tyne & Wear), launched the trail 21 years ago, with the publication of his guidebook and meticulous installation and continuous maintenance of the waymarking.

OS Maps show the route which traces the journeys of the Victorian itinerant tea salesman Isaac Holden. Isaac’s story was remarkable… of modest build he plied the the field-path and lonely fells in all weathers supplying Siam leaf tea to remote farmsteads He held a spcial place with the North Pennine communites as he championed a succession of needy causes raising money to help the people East & West Allendale and the South Tyne.

Anne has been writing a regular blog, recording on her walks with the trail since 2015. The podcast is due to go live early next week.

Anne and Roger standing on the South Tyne Railway below The Nook/Epiacum Roman Fort en route to Kirkhaugh.

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An outdoor writer since my early twenties, with a passion for walking and linescape art, which quickly coalesed into the creation of practical guides exploring the remarkable landscapes and heritage of Britain.

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