Green Walks

Superb water colour by Gordon Clegg – depicting Stalybridge Station platform in Greater Manchester

Roam from Home… car-free walking

Watch this space for developments as, with the help of my friends, I encourage you to discover exciting “just the ticket” ways to explore Britain. Whether from home or when away, find a new freedom using buses & trains.

Early in the new year the website will be launched, enabling you to find practical walking options on your doorstep and further afield.

Car-free lifestyles are the near-future destiny of a large section of society for both work and freetime, championed by the up and coming generation.


  • The start and finish of the route should be easily accessible by scheduled bus or rail services on at least one day per week, all year, arriving and departing at times convenient for the majority of users, and serving a bus stop or rail station no more than 2km (1¼ miles) from the official start or finish of the walk.
  • The majority of routes in a publication or in a guided walks programme should be linear routes, terminating at a different place from the start of the walk thereby being walks with a clear destination rather than as circular walks. This enables the walker to enjoy the advantages and freedoms of using public transport compared with the private car.
  • The publication should indicate relevant public transport services in the text, indicating route numbers, details of where arrival and departure information can be obtained by phone or web, plus indication days of operation if not daily.
  • Any long-distance published walks that are included should be accessible not only at the start and finish points, but also at intermediate points along the route, but at no more than 32 kilometres or 20 mile intervals to permit day stage walks along that route.  This information should be indicated at relevant points in the text or in a summary table available on the publication or online.
  • All guided walks should start and finish within 100 metres of a scheduled public transport service stop or station. Walking starting times should be within a few minutes after the arrival of a scheduled bus or train, and the end of the walk should be timed for a suitable departing service, wherever possible allowing sufficient time for refreshment and toilet visits before that return transport.
Blast from the past… in more enlightened times Stagecoach Bus Co launched this bus to celebrate my FELLRANGER guides.
A train at Wetheral on the Tyne Valley Line

The most recent post about Green Walks appears below.

  • Green Walks in Lakeland
    23rd November – Following a conversation today with Stagecoach Bus Co and the Lake District National Park Authority I am starting to consider a section of five walks cultivating the use of the 555 bus service. This will be in the form of digital walk descriptions, aimed at visitors not used to travelling by bus.Continue reading “Green Walks in Lakeland”