Sinuous course of Hadrian’s Wall running along the top of Walltown Crags

I have long been interested in helping people connect with the natural, architectural and historic heritage which surrounds them. Everywhere I walked, I found inspiration, whether from the towns and villages of the Cotswolds and Lakeland, the line of Offa’s Dyke on the Welsh/English border, or from the definite boundary of the Roman Empire on Hadrian’s Wall. In addition, there are the natural heritage landscapes such as the Solway lowlands and (of course) the Lake District. This section aims to draw these strands of heritage together under the same roof, while allowing each to shine on its own.

The series of Countrystride podcasts celebrates all aspects of heritage, and the Heritage Hikers’ videos show my exploration of different aspects of the subject.

Offa’s Dyke traversing Clun Forest in Shropshire