How to add a post

Adding a post is more than just putting the text and images together and blasting them online. We use categories to manage lists and visibility (such as in the “Latest podcast” part of the MRW Countrystride honepage, and there are other things (such as scheduling) to think of.

First, though, from the main menu, go to Posts, then Add New. This gives you your blank starter.

  • Choose your title — short and pithy.
  • Go to the Post part of the settings (select the gearwheel next to Publish (top right) if necessary.
  • Decide on the categories now. Vitally, if it is a podcast announcement, tick the Countrystride category. Remember to untick the Uncategorised category.
  • Write an excerpt of 30-50 words in the Excerpt box.
  • If you are preparing this in advance of release, select Immediately next to Publish, and set your required date and time. Nobody will see the post before that date and time.

Only now are you ready to start adding content.

  • Add your text first, breaking it into shortish paragraphs where there might be a break.
  • Add links to pages or posts, using the flow of text. Do not use “There is a link here”, linking the word here — that is ugly.
  • Add any necessary images (following the how-to guide), resizing them so that they do not overwhelm the text. Except (perhaps) for an image directly beneath the title, caption each image.

You now have the post ready to go … almost. But before we publish it, we need to do a quick review.

  • Read it again (checking for typos or unfortunate wording (for example, “during the Ottoman occupation during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries” — change the first “during” to “throughout” or “when Pécs was under”).
  • Read the excerpt again, and edit it if necessary.
  • Check the categories once more.
  • Preview the page and make any cosmetic adjustments which are necessary

OK, now you can publish it. If the post is for immediate publication, go to the user view of the site (you should have a bookmark to on your bookmark bar), and read the post. Make any further adjustments to the “raw” post, update the post, go back to the user view, refresh the page, and look at the new version.