Fresh off the drawing board

Looking north-west to the Coniston and Langdale Fells across Windermere from Orrest Head

A selection of subjects

Hindscarth from Scope End – currently on show at the Artful Ways exhibition at Tullie House in Carlisle
Bank-barn at Townend, Troutbeck (a National Trust property)

Pen & Ink drawing is essentially a simple form of art. I call my work Linescapes because that is all they are. The medium enables me to focus on texture and detail, as distinct from the rainbow-toned nuance of paint. They hold an agelesss quality, much as early monochrome photography and Victorian lithography. I am not a sketcher, my influences have all been meticulous artists, none of whom have I emulated, be they Frederick Griggs, Jack Prout or Alfred Wainwright. Nonetheless, I advance with new hope every time I embark on a subject, knowing that occasionally I hit the mark.

Westington in Chipping Campden on the Cotswold Way
Cotswold village scene – Stanton on the Cotswold Way
St James’ the parish church of Chipping Campden at the start of the Cotswold Way