Commission a linescape

Wouldn’t you like to have a favourite view captured as a linescape? Now I have never been in Széchenyi tér in Pécs, in the deep south of Hungary. However, like one of my friends, you may have enjoyed the sight of the Pécs-Belvárosi templom (the city centre Catholic church, locally known as the Dzsámi — pronounced as to precede “Dodger”! — because it was a mosque throughout the Ottoman occupation during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries).

Or you may have marvelled at the view of the Castle Rock as you come out of Waverley station in Edinburgh, or the River Nith at Whitesands in Dumfries, or a nugget of the Pembrokeshire coast, or … or …: I’m sure you could wax as lyrical as my friend who took the photo in Pécs did above.

Well, you can. Contact me, describing the scene and the purpose, and then send me a high-resolution photo when I respond to your enquiry, and I shall decide whether it could be transformed into a linescape. If it can, we can discuss the matter in greater detail (including the price!).