Welcome to my walking world

After an absence of several years I have revived my website under a new name with all my contemporary titles, activities, and a selection of my Linescape art. I have also incorporated a blog, called (with a nod to the site name) Mark Richards Talking.

I hope you enjoy glancing through and find new things about these great walking landscapes, notably of Cumbria, that inspire you to visit and explore this magical corner of Britain.

Blencathra from above Rakefoot
Looking east along Hadrian’s Wall from Cuddy’s Crags to Housesteads Crags
The craggy south-western slopes of Great Gable

I adore wild places, as may be appreciated with my Fellranger guides, but also have a great passion to explore our historic, natural and architectural heritage, and derive pleasure in many a workaday environment, especially in rural and agrarian settings. I was born on a Cotswold farm and am never more at home than when wandering through fields and woods, by rivers and streams and tramping up hill or down dale in open country.

A love of pen-and-ink drawing has been a life-long fascination which has enabled me to express my affection for all sorts of landscapes, along with historic features and architectural detail encountered on my walks. The majority of my Linescape drawings find homes in my guidebooks. On occasion, originals are framed on the walls of commissioners’ homes. You can search through this website and find numerous examples, as too on the Countrystride podcast website. If you find one you would like to have as a signed print, or if you would like to commission me to prepare a Linescape uniquely for you, then simply contact me.

Yours truly